OhioMATYC Policies and Procedures

The following policies and procedures have been adopted by the executive committee. All are subject to change by vote of the executive committee.

I - Annual Meetings

OhioMATYC will host a meeting at a state park (or other similar venue) in the Spring of even years.
OhioMATYC will host a T^3 regional (if funding from T.I. can be secured) in the Spring of odd years.
The OhioMATYC Executive Committee will hold a meeting in the Fall of each year at the AMATYC conference.

II - Awards

OhioMATYC will award a Teaching Excellence award in the Spring of even years, and and Distinguished Service award in the Spring of odd years.

III - Student Scholarships

Schools that are able to submit two students (see scholarship rules) shall choose their "number one" and "number two" in case the school only has one winner in the random draw. For example, if Sinclair has two nominees ("Steve" and "Kara"), Sinclair would get two "entries" in the random draw. If they are selected only once, the faculty at Sinclair would decide if the award goes to Steve or Kara. 

Rationale: At some of the bigger schools, there is an involved process to choose nominees, and there is often a true #1 that emerges. In that case, it would not make sense to give the #2 nominee from a school a scholarship but not give one to the #1 nominee.

IV - Email Privacy

OhioMATYC will not share member contact information with outside parties.  "Mass emails" to the membership will only be sent with the approval of the president or at least two members of the executive committee.

V - E-voting

Since OhioMATYC meets only once a year, electronic voting may be conducted to resolve issues that must addressed before the next face to face meeting.

VI - Newsletter

OhioMATYC will publish an annual newsletter in the Fall after the executive meeting.

VII - Meeting Minutes

The unofficial minutes from each meeting will be posted on this website within one month of the meeting.

VIII - Job Postings

Job postings for a member's home institution will be added to the OhioMATYC website for free for members only. If an institution wishes to post a job on our site, someone from that institution must be (or become) a member.

IX - Refunds

No refunds of membership dues or registration fees will be made. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by both the president and past president.